Fine Art

As a fine art and portrait artist, my primary medium is watercolor, but I also enjoy painting with oils. My inspiration comes from nature, travel, and the everyday moments that make life special.

Aedan's Milk BathRoseJohnson FamilyMy Favorite Things IThe StiefelVenice Gondola
Banker and BandersnatchDusk Touches Notre DameFeed the Birds (from Europe collection)My Favorite Things IIThe MusicianWedding Day
Beach WalkersProphet to the NationsWisdom in a French Café (from Europe collection)PersuasionThe Underground (from Europe collection)A Wish for Health
Shopping at Campo de' FioriTwo Become OneHappy BirthdayShhh! from Peter Pan by J.M. BarrieUncle Andrew from The Magician's Nephew by C.S. LewisWursterei (from Europe collection)
Lily and MilesFamily at SunnysideMemories GatherThe Light from the Door from Silas Marner by George EliotVenice Canals (from Europe collection)
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